Starting an Online Educational Institution

My answer is incomplete, because my own experience is running a non-accredited online academy.

I would start with a creative writing course to germinate that germ of an idea and prepare eventually for the "Masters" cut-off, the idea that online colleges need to reach masters level (contain courses that can generate 2*50 As per assignment).

The web site would contain your blog (with ideas for you) and courses that eventually articulate, using the performance criteria-skill ladder structure, to a course that can you can accredit if you feel like it later.

A real college, whether it is online or not, requires paper work to stay accredited. Annual reports can fill half a shoe box. So, it is better to start non-accredited (and plan properly from the start) and even do an MBA (so you can be creative in philosophy).

In the glossary below are some ingredients for success. I will briefly synthesise them for you. A (a high distinction) is necessary for you to write, students to write and the same thing for customers, induction is an option (and can become as hand-written as you like) for saving time writing As (notice how University corrects, completes and completes individual reasons in high distinctions - you can too) and the Prolog analytics (depending on Prolog, a computer language I prefer and analytics, which you may or may not want to do, but is good for a successful web site). Mind reading is approximate but these days can obviously go together with analytics to power home results.

Sales are from people you know. You have to make something good that people will want. If you can write down a way to ask a person to do what they want, then you have passed the test.


A is X, Y, Z dimensions of an object.
Mind reading is detecting thoughts by A taking a shorter time
Induction is finding all combinations of a set of commands, until you find an algorithm
Prolog analytics - an algorithm that accurately predicts when a prospect who needs product, has money, is the decision -maker in spending money will visit site and answers how to solve their problems with the product. Your site could collect info from their comments on what they would like instead and display the correct product next in a list.

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