Each essay is an assignment, not part of an assignment

At Lucian Academy, each essay can be an assignment, where there are not multiple essays per assignment. This does not mean that qualifications cannot have multiple departments' assignments. Assignments cannot have the parts put together in one assignment so that the parts are examined in themselves, there is more careful examination and students can put the parts together themselves in the unique ways that they would like to. Usually, leaving parts separate is enough for the combinations to have an effect without another overarching assignment. For example:

Medicine to Prevent a Headache:
Delegate Workloads - helps prevent a headache
Recordings - helps you have breasonings (functional units in pedagogy to earn high distinctions) done for you
Lecturer - helps you write breasonings out, not have to find them out
Quantum Box - the headache prevention switch
Other Parts of Medicine, Meditation and Pedagogy

These assignments can be synthesised to e.g. prevent headaches.

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