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Computational English Report

Lucian Green


Before I studied Computational English, I found I didn’t have the confidence to put pen to paper and write, even though I felt I had many ideas.  The key word here is write – I was good at doing assignments for others, but not for myself.


Now that I have studied Computational English, I can write ideas on paper and on computer, that I have devised myself.  The advantage of writing is to develop one’s ideas and prepare to expand them.


ideas – These are not pedagogical reasons, but conclusions, that you can write reasons for later.

What is in the Course?

I became interested in Computational English because it seemed central in Arts, and I wanted to write my own arts degree, intertwining various reasons.  Computational English is a set of arguments that analyses the world of English using computers.  It is the first of Green’s major works and will be of interest to scholars interested in philosophy and those interested in self-development.

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