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Comment as a Celebrity Algorithm Report

Lucian Green


Before I used the algorithm, I had difficulties with confidence in being with it-rather than not with-it in the celebrity skill and therefore couldn’t talk, rather than talk, to achieve the professional requirements of my job.  I was aware that the algorithmic technique that I was using (repeating the same strategy) was not as effective as Comment as a Celebrity Algorithm.  The key term here is not as effective – My strategy of rebreasoning out the same argument each day prompted the question, “Who is breasoning out an argument specific to your job tasks?” My reply was that the Comment as a Celebrity Algorithm uses a technique that breasons out a specific comment that covers the day’s professional requirements and which breasons out enough breasonings to do so.  Imagine the acronym SUO – Specific, Unique, Original - Specific to the task, Uniquely breasoned out once, and Original because no one else has done it.  Comment as a Celebrity Algorithm is leagues ahead of repeating the same argument, or doing nothing at all as your A grade argument that is the basis for meeting professional requirements each day at work.


Now that I have started using the Comment as a Celebrity Algorithm, I am at the top of my game. I can write for and talk like a celebrity using specific A grades at work.   Do you think actors and musicians are the most famous?  Now you can enjoy the benefits of being famous, enhancing your existing skills.

What is in the Course?

I always wondered why my success was limited to lower responsibilities, so I wanted to write a course that would maximally increase my confidence with pedagogy, i.e., make me a star.  I became interested in the Comment as a Celebrity algorithm because it was better than the rebreasoning algorithm, and I wanted to make a new statement to stand out.  The Comment as a Celebrity Algorithm automates the task of specific breasoning, which helps one stay at the top.  Comment as a Celebrity Algorithm is the most famous of Green’s works and will be of interest to scholars interested in any job and those interested in performing the best they can.

Also included in the course is a free argument that performs the task of a meditation-based mind-reading algorithm, giving you the edge over competitors in winning customers by appearing to listen to and comment on their comment to make sales and complete tasks.  Lucian Academy has included instructions about how to perform this technique.

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