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Texttobr2 Algorithm

The Texttobr2 Algorithm is for those who would like to be masters of their job, e.g., in writing job applications and job advertisements that work, easily breasoning out undergraduate, postgraduate and work documents, passing requirements and increasing grades and results.  The algorithm may remove the need for writing unseen reasons at postgraduate level, in jobs and teaching positions.  It reduces the work from 100% to 20-50%.  You can install the software on Mac, Windows or Unix.  You can access the dictionary across devices.  Texttobr2 Algorithm is one of the only ways to achieve this level of performance.  It is for the worker or student.  The subscription lasts for six months.  Lucian Academy will offer it online.  You need it to gain the edge in impactful presentation.  You can use it just by running the algorithm.  It gives you this skill and the time you need it is now, for $AUD110, including $AUD10 GST.

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