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Create and Help a Pedagogue Report

Lucian Green

Who can be a Pedagogue?

If you become a pedagogy helper, you can help anyone who has reached the Pedagogy conclusions at University.


I now have the confidence to inspire breasonings in others (which can be written down) and I have the confidence to start my own school.  I notice the small advantages of being a pedagogy helper.


Inspire breasonings – Just as you have been inspired to listen to and write down breasonings, a pedagogy helper inspires breasonings by feeling like doing it.

What is in the Course?

I found out about the pedagogy helper idea when meditating on a way to create pedagogues, whom I could influence.  I wrote down the answer to the pedagogy helper puzzle and recorded it as the Pedagogy Helper course for you to participate in.

It works by activating the pedagogy helper technology in us, which can’t be found without this course.  This is done by following a simple technique described in the course.

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