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Lecturer Report

Lucian Green


Before I became a spiritual lecturer, I used Pedagogy to breason out found-out arguments.  The key word here is breason – I had to find out arguments from other spiritual lecturers because I couldn’t make them up myself.


Now that I have become a spiritual lecturer, I can breason out arguments that I have made up myself.  The advantage of breasoning is to earn A (80%) on a school or University assignment.


Found-out arguments – These are arguments spiritually found out from a pedagogy helper.

What is in the Course?

I found out about the lecturer idea when meditating on a way to be a lecturer, i.e. to be self-sufficient in generating lectures.  I wrote down the answer to the lecturer puzzle and recorded it as the Lecturer course for you to enjoy.

It works by activating the lecturer technology in us all, which wouldn’t be available without this course.  This is done by following a simple technique described in the course.

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