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Recording Deliverer Report

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Before I became a spiritual recordings deliverer, I used Pedagogy to breason out arguments one breasoning at a time, including writing lengthy texts necessary to meet the requirements of Honours (which I later realised I didn’t have to do).  The key word here is breason – I had to individually breason out arguments because I didn’t know any other way.


Now that I have become a spiritual recordings deliverer, I can implicitly breason out arguments on any topic.  In other words, I can “indicate” (like praying) for them to be breasoned out for me.  The advantage of implicit breasoning is to earn any number of As (80%) necessary on a school or University assignment, without writing or breasoning out explicitly.


Implicit breasoning – The act of specifying and having a certain number of breasonings on a topic breasoned out for you.

What is in the Course?

I found out about the recordings deliverer idea when meditating on a way to be complete the ever-increasing workloads (since Honours) of University, i.e. to do what I knew I had to do, but didn’t know how to.  I wrote down the answer to the recordings deliverer problem and recorded it as the Recordings Course to satisfy you.

It works by activating the recordings technology in us all, which isn’t available without this course.  This is done by following a simple technique described in the course.

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