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Texttobr2 Algorithm Report

Lucian Green


Before I used the algorithm there was a problem for me in achieving the professional requirements of my job, and I was aware that the algorithmic technique that I was using (Texttobr, included in this course) was not enough, and required TexttoBr2, where I had always thought that Texttobr was enough, in fact, the standard was Texttobr2.  The key term here is “even though” – Texttobr breasons out each character, but Texttobr2 breasons out each word.  Imagine earning A grade for everything, and I mean all words, not just all characters in your work.


Now that I have started using the Texttobr2 Algorithm, I can march through the ranks using A grade from my work.  The advantage of using a computer to do it is that repetitive computations are automated, making the work-polishing process work like clockwork.

What is in the Course?

I wanted to write a course that would meet the challenge of any job, impress all employers, earn a job and keep the job.  I became interested in the Texttobr2 algorithm because it was better than the Texttobr algorithm, and I wanted to write simple yet effective software to breason out texts in a better, if not the best way possible.  Texttobr2 is an algorithm that automates the task of breasoning, a technique that helps reach the threshold of success.  It is the most popular of Green’s works and will be of interest to scholars interested in text jobs and those interested in performing optimally.

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